“This can still happen anywhere. Not everything is lost.”

After learning my flight was detained 4 hours,
I heard the announcement:
If anyone in the vicinity of gate 4-A understands any Arabic,
Please come to the gate immediately.”


This stunning, simple tale from writer Naomi Shihab Nye brought us to joyful tears this week. Oh, sweet humanity.

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One response to ““This can still happen anywhere. Not everything is lost.””

  1. Barbara Boyle says:

    And Naomi Nye was in that airport (my airport…I now live in Albuquerque- a transplant from Wyckoff, NJ many years ago) for exactly that reason- to be of service to the elderly woman. I find that being open to the wonder of our existence is magical. My husband and I call them “Chopra Moments”- when it is apparent that we are part of the bigger cosmos. A very touching story. I think we all have these- or have the opportunity to have them. Stay alert, stay aware, become connected!

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