My Path to Fulfilling Work {video}

My Path to Fulfilling Work {video}

On October 22 in Boston, I spoke at a Sum+Substance event for Conscious Company Magazine. The theme was “unique stories about the path to fulfilling work,” and there were six of us on the panel, each sharing our personal journeys to fulfillment at work. We were asked to leave the audience with challenges that would hopefully spark new ideas, partnerships and opportunities.

And to my surprise, I found it much more knee-knockingly vulnerable to share my own story than to show up the way I am more used to – listening to and sharing the stories of others. A great opportunity to burn through my own unreasonable terror and deeper shyness. Ugh!!

I opened my story by sharing that when it comes to fulfillment in work and life, my Dad, Ken Hanau, is my hero. He ran a human-centered business selling corrugated cardboard boxes, and created a soulful organization built on empowerment and dignity. I never once heard him give a speech without reminding us that the essential importance of relationship first – leading with our humanity – equaled a thriving and meaningful business. And we thrived in every way.

Below are some of the practices I offered to the audience that evening. These have been instrumental in supporting me on my own journey out of my more conditioned, unconscious habits into leading from a truer, more honest and authentic aspect of myself.

Here are the tangible take-aways you’ll experience in my talk:

  1. Practice being open minded and open hearted: To notice or “track” where you may shut down, cut off or turn away. To practice “returning” or opening your mind and heart back up, staying connected and turning toward. Who are you then? What do you recognize?
  2. Practice being more curious than convinced: To stay open to what we do not know as much as what we do know.
  3. Be willing to be uncomfortable: To treat discomfort as neither good nor bad but as a benign, normal stage of transition and transformation.

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