GRTL Heading to Philadelphia for the SVN Fall Conference 2016


WORKSHOP: Shared Leadership: Exploring a New Paradigm of Leadership

Join GRTL Team Members, Lori Hanau and Jodi Clark at the Social Venture Network Fall 2016 Conference: The Business of Impact November 2-5 in Philadelphia, PA. They will be offering the following session on Friday, November 4th:

Shared Leadership: Exploring a New Paradigm of Leadership

Transition from a paradigm of profit-over-people, roles-over-relationships and separations-over systems thinking and learn how to identify the foundations of the Shared Leadership Framework versus the traditional “boss” model of hierarchical leadership. You will model a process by embodying a “jazz ensemble” flow that brings all voices and perspectives into our co-created conversation and practice together.

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NHBSR Member Feature

Version 2New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) Feature Global Round Table Leadership for September 2016

We are honored to be featured in the NHBSR Member newsletter for September! Here is an excerpt and the link to the whole piece. We want to thank Leila Murphy for her work and a wonderful conversation exploring what brought us to GRTL and what keeps us passionate about the work!

Member Feature Excerpt:

In this season of NHBSR storytelling, it was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to talk with Lori Hanau and her colleague, Jodi Clark, of Global Round Table Leadership (GRTL). GRTL is a coaching and training company located in Keene. They support powerful shifts in consciousness, communications, and community for leaders, groups, organizations and networks from all sectors. Their customized trainings, retreats, facilitation and coaching focuses on stewarding positive personal and group transformation, “wholistic” leadership development and collaborative, vibrant group culture.  Lori and Jodi help individuals and groups tap into their greatness.

GRTL’s definition of Shared Leadership is worth sharing as it says it best—
Shared Leadership is the practice of bringing out the greatest capacity in everyone by empowering us all to be responsible for and engaged in the vibrancy and high function of the whole. This is a fundamental shift in how we understand and apply power and leadership.

They use strengths-based approaches and tools in their trainings, starting with what is healthy, strong and vibrant. Appreciative inquiry is interwoven with play, performance as well as meditative and wellness practices that cultivate our wholeness and strategic, systems leadership. Lori and Jodi both speak to how heartened they are by what they see transpire over the course of even a 3 hour training that elevates a group into a whole different way of relating. They know that the genius of the group is already there.

Read the Rest of the Feature Here

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Wholeness in Practice

Wholeness in Practice

By The GRTL Team

GRTL Team at Pizza Night

GRTL “Home Team” Members, Lori Hanau, Jodi Clark, and Melissa Whittemore out for Pizza Night.

As Lori Hanau wrote in her article: Leading From Wholeness *  in the July/August issue of Conscious Company Magazine, the daily journey of resetting our balance and wholeness is truly “an inside job.”Inside GRTL, we are committed to exploring what it means to cultivate our own wholeness both individually and collectively in our work together. We offer you our top 10 practices we have been exploring in our daily work life together.

Beauty: We ensure that the spaces we work in have photos, paintings, flowers, a window facing forest or gardens or some other source of beauty. When we travel to other spaces to work with colleagues and clients, we will frequently bring flowers with us to carry that essence of beauty with us. Walking into a conference room that has flowers in it feels immediately different, lighter.

Breathe: Either alone or together we practice breathing deep, slow, intentional breaths. Sometimes it is right before we commence with a meeting together or on the phone with a client or walking into the office. The steps: Feel your feet on the ground. Roll your shoulders back slightly, opening up the chest cavity. Smile inwardly to yourself. Make sure your energy is grounded and calm. The breath should be easy without any forcing. Slowing down even for five minutes sets a Melissa and Jodi at Pizza Nightcompletely different tone for the work ahead. Download GRTL’s Healthy Breath Practice Resource Guide

Commune: We try to eat with each other or outside, but somewhere away from screens and more intentionally with each other and/or the natural world. We also make sure to have a monthly social night out with no work talk allowed focusing on play, restoration, food, celebration or all of the above. (see photo to the left from our pizza night at Orchard Hill Breadworks in Alstead, NH!) During the week, enjoying afternoon tea and home baked scones together is a frequent occurrence since one of our team members has a wife who bakes magnificently and shares generously!

Ask, Don’t Tell: We invite feedback from each other and cultivate our curiosity. It helps us check our egos when we ask more questions rather than assume we have to be certain all the time.

Quiet: We make room for silence, even in the middle of a meeting  or conversation to help balance the busyness that still creeps into our daily lives.

Take it Outside: Much of our work can keep us indoors staring at screens for long stretches of time, impacting our energy levels and physical well-being. Whenever we can take a phone meeting or in person meeting outside, we do so! We ensured that our WiFi does allow us to work outdoors. But we also take walks. A daily walk of 10-15 minutes either alone or with a colleague does wonders for lifting the spirit and resetting, not to mention stretches the legs!

Play On!: Weaving play into a day allows for different kinds of thinking. Play and laughter are great friends. Laughter supports us to become more nourished and relaxed. We shift out of stress and the fight or flight syndrome into a more nurtured state of being. We access more of our creativity. And we celebrate each other in a moment that helps fuel the rest of our work together. We have started having both planned and spontaneous 5 minute dance parties as an intentional moment of play and even as the structure for our team check-in!

Add Music: Even when we aren’t dancing, having music in the background can lift the mood of the work space, as long as it isn’t distracting. One of our team members loves to have classical music in her space. She says: “There is a particular vibrancy to classical music that both lifts me and puts me at ease at the same time. When I have it in my work space, even on low volume, I tend to be more productive and joyful.” And those of us walking by her office are also appreciative to connect to music for even a moment. Deep sighs are heard and felt!! The best breath work ever!!!!

Write it Down: We each try to keep a journal to reflect on our days. What are we noticing? What are we challenged by? What is inspiring us? Surprising us? What do we want to remember and refer to later? We are just now exploring a new norm of writing down our progress with learning new practices together to hold ourselves compassionately accountable and be able to both integrate and track our learning. We believe that personal development, team development and organizational development are all essential parts of the whole.

Breathe Again: We can find ourselves getting caught into a swirl of activity or stuck in a complex problem that starts to put us into a stressful, anxious, uncreative space. Taking a few slow, even breaths even for 30 seconds can make all the difference to slow us down and remember to access our bodies as sources of wisdom.

What are your top practices to cultivate your wholeness at work? We would love to hear what works for you and your colleagues in the comment section below.  Easily share what you love from our practices with your colleagues: Top Ten Practices for Cultivating Wholeness at Work… Click To Tweet

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End of the evening at Orchard Hill Community Pizza Night

End of the evening at Orchard Hill Community Pizza Night, August 2016.

*Title from print edition article

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Shared Leadership at Performing the World

Awakening to Our Agency at Performing the World


GRTL is once again honored and excited to be facilitating a workshop for the Performing the World conference happening in New York City, September 23-25, 2016. This year’s theme is “Can We Perform Our Way Into Power?” We would love you to join us there!

Our workshop will be:

Awakening to Our Agency – Embodying Our Leadership

We have been conditioned within our workplaces, communities, and homes to identify and act first and foremost through our roles, status and expertise, disconnecting us from our full potential and from one another. In our current culture, we are given the strong message that we need to work our way to the top in order to lead.  There is a different way of leading that is not only necessary, it is already arriving.  There is a growing paradigm shift in which leadership is about cultivating new ways of working together, rooted in our innate abilities to collectively accomplish business objectives and impact social change.  This is shift from positional power into shared power. This interactive session will provide a frame for cultivating the awareness, presence, and skills to build vibrant environments that activate one’s purpose, collective wisdom and creativity. Participants will practice and experience what our authentic leadership can look and feel like for ourselves and for the group.

For more information or to register:

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Shared Leadership For Entrepreneurs

WORKSHOP: Shared Leadership for Entrepreneurs


GRTL’s Lori Hanau and Jodi Clark will be bringing Shared Leadership to Brattleboro, VT through the Instig8 Program of the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (BDCC).

Thursday, July 21st 6-8pm at Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies in Brattleboro, VT

Register Here!

A workshop focused on innovation in leadership, culture building and teamwork for
entrepreneurs. Whether you are building the team of your company or considering
collaborating with other teams, this interactive session will offer you experience in building
the muscles of shared leadership. We will identify the foundations of the Shared Leadership
Framework up against the traditional “boss” model of hierarchical leadership. In doing so,
we’ll model the process by embodying a “jazz ensemble” flow, bringing all voices and
perspectives to co-create the conversation. After building the framework, we’ll begin
practicing this new way of leading, touching on shared leadership skills and techniques that
offer ways to begin building group awareness, empowerment, collaboration, wholehearted
communication, positive risk taking and collective creativity. Participants will leave with the
groundwork to understand their own leadership mindset and how to guide teams toward
greater excellence and outcomes from the inside out.

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