Shared Leadership For Entrepreneurs

WORKSHOP: Shared Leadership for Entrepreneurs


GRTL’s Lori Hanau and Jodi Clark will be bringing Shared Leadership to Brattleboro, VT through the Instig8 Program of the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (BDCC).

Thursday, July 21st 6-8pm at Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies in Brattleboro, VT

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A workshop focused on innovation in leadership, culture building and teamwork for
entrepreneurs. Whether you are building the team of your company or considering
collaborating with other teams, this interactive session will offer you experience in building
the muscles of shared leadership. We will identify the foundations of the Shared Leadership
Framework up against the traditional “boss” model of hierarchical leadership. In doing so,
we’ll model the process by embodying a “jazz ensemble” flow, bringing all voices and
perspectives to co-create the conversation. After building the framework, we’ll begin
practicing this new way of leading, touching on shared leadership skills and techniques that
offer ways to begin building group awareness, empowerment, collaboration, wholehearted
communication, positive risk taking and collective creativity. Participants will leave with the
groundwork to understand their own leadership mindset and how to guide teams toward
greater excellence and outcomes from the inside out.

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