Shared Leadership: A workshop focused on innovation in teamwork and design

WORKSHOP: Shared Leadership

SL Parsons Poster 2014

Lori Hanau facilitated a workshop titled: Shared Leadership @ Parsons The New School in NYC on October 13th, 2014.

A workshop focused on innovation in teamwork and design leadership. This interactive session will provide a frame for cultivating the awareness, presence, and skills to build vibrant human centered environments that raise teams’ collective intelligence and creativity. We will identify the foundations for Shared Leadership in opposition to the traditional “boss” model of hierarchical leadership. In doing so, we’ll model the process by bringing all voices and perspectives into the conversation. After building the framework, we’ll practice this new way of leading using tested Shared Leadership Framework™ skills and techniques to experience our own present-moment vibrant ecosystem. Participants will leave with the groundwork to understand their own leadership mindset and how to shift that toward a team- and mission-focused approach to greater excellence, collaboration, and outcomes.

Shared Leadership™ is the practice of bringing out the greatest capacity in everyone by empowering each individual to be responsible for and engaged in the success of the whole. This is not positional leadership. This is a fundamental shift in how we understand and apply power and leadership in any situation.

Why Shared Leadership?

Shared Leadership is rooted in the truth that we are brilliant far beyond what our logical minds can grasp, and possibly even beyond what we can imagine and relate to. This is the genius of our humanity — our original intelligence. This brilliance lives in the Four Pillars – our humanity, equality, wholeness and collective wisdom. When we lead with this knowledge, when we come together first and foremost in this way of being, we shift the spaces in which we work, play, learn, and live. We are no longer bound by the limits of our rational mind, our conditioning, our doubts or our fears. We unlock limitless possibility and potential that we never knew we had. We tap into our shared greatness and we elevate.

The Four Pillars of the Shared Leadership Framework™ 

Humanity: We recognize each other and meet as equals in our humanity – what exists at the core of us – before relating through roles, status and expertise.

Equality: We relate as equal learning partners in full acknowledgment of what we can contribute and learn from each other. We are equal in the stewardship of this space.

Wholeness: We are conscious of the relationship and impact of self, to group, to goal/mission, to the world and all of life.

Collective Wisdom: We know more together than any one of us does on our own. We cultivate the collective wisdom of this group by honoring the natural gifts and talents of each and every person.

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