Practice With Us in August

by Elli Caldwell

Late August marks the launch of our next Round Table offering, where twelve people come together in practice to cultivate their leadership skills and strengthen in their capacities to create a positive shift in our culture.

The experience of the Round Table is not pre-determined, but rather emerges from the group that gathers and the themes and practices that are calling in the moment. The group will engage with specific practices that support their development and position them at the growing edge of our humanity.

One such practice is that of treating everyone you meet with high regard. In the video below, Round Table facilitator Lori Hanau introduces and explains this practice.

Join us during the month of August by engaging in this practice. At work, at home, and in your community, experiment with what it’s like to hold everyone with great respect, dignity and honor.

We’d love to hear about your experiences. Please comment here or contact us directly to let us know how it’s going!

Spaces are still available at the Round Table. Join us!

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2 responses to “Practice With Us in August”

  1. Ben Griffin says:

    So fitting to feel this communication from GRT. I have begun a year long series of 28 day challenges, which coincide with each of the 13 new moons. I have been looking for my next one and have just found it. I look forward to sharing in this practice with you all.

  2. Profile photo of elli says:

    Hi Ben, so glad to hear of the synergy between your year of practice and our August offering. What a great idea to follow the lunar calendar. I’d love to hear about the other practices you’ve been practicing/will practice!


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