Lori’s Lessons in Leadership: Florence Edition

Renaissance and the Art of Rising Together

Watching True Blood last night, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) delivered a frank line about the brutal indifference of life. It resonated. Violence, injustice, suffering and life’s shocking twists and turns can “take us out” at any moment.

The night before watching True Blood, I came home from a phenomenal two weeks in Florence visiting friends who are living there for the summer. I wandered through streets, shops and museums, took my time at restaurants and churches, and explored a bit of the surrounding region. I couldn’t open my eyes without seeing beauty and genius, for I was living a fortnight in the birthplace of the Renaissance. And the Renaissance, it struck me, was radical. Huge leaps were made in the sciences, philosophy, architecture, the arts and culture. Old worldviews and foundational systems were collectively challenged, giving birth to new ways of thinking, living and being. A century saw the rise of humanism, diplomacy, universities and the arts. It was a time of cultural and intellectual unity.

From museums to street corners, I saw masterpiece after masterpiece, each one condensing a lump in my throat and filling my heart with awe. I felt the whispers and saw the evidence of Shared Leadership. This was not just a movement of one or two people at the top. This was a widespread experience of creativity, innovation, mastery, artistry and beauty. A current and higher intelligence running through an entire culture. As humans we rose together, across sectors and hierarchies. I came home heartened and ignited, stronger in myself and more dedicated than ever to nurturing our collective capacity for beauty, mastery, artistry and genius.

Yesterday, my mom and I were talking and she shared that she fears that society is become so violent. While I was in Italy, I saw many reminders of our bellicose roots. Humans have always been violent. We’ve got violence down pat. I’m interested in how we rise together in the good, the true and the beautiful.

We know how to destroy each other. How do we actively learn to love in ways that support our collective artistry and flourishing?

For those of you who feel that this is your time to rise and to elevate the groups that you are (and will be) a part of, I invite you to join me at the Round Table, a nine-month practice of Shared Leadership. For those of you who care to practice emanating the kind of loving awareness that catalyzes our greater intelligence and well being, I invite you to join me at the Round Table. For those searching for a learning community and a community of practice, the Round Table will meet virtually every three weeks for nine months, as well as support each other in mindful daily practice, building the inner muscles, essence, skills, heart, mind and spirit of Shared Leadership.

Come be. Come practice. Come create the future with Global Round Table Leadership. Now.
Every year at Global Round Table Leadership, we gather a group of up to 12 people to go on a nine-month journey together by telephone to build the heart, mind and muscles of “Shared Leadership“. This year’ Round Table starts October 7th, 2014. Think this might be your moment?  Learn More

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