Interactive Leadership Workshop at Yale April 2014

WORKSHOP: Interactive LeadershipDSC_0040

Lori Hanau facilitated a workshop @ Yale University for their Mental & Health Wellness Weekend in April of 2014.

Mental Health & Wellness Weekend is a full slate of events, workshops, and speakers designed to foster thoughtful conversation about mental health at Yale, raise awareness of student groups working on relevant issues, build students’ skills for resilience, and promote a campus culture where students feel empowered to take care of ourselves and each other.

Stewarding Individual and Group Well Being: Leading from our Humanity—An Interactive Leadership Workshop

This interactive session will provide a framework for integrating the qualities of reciprocal relationships into hierarchical settings, including mutual trust, compassion, respect and generosity.

We will explore the potential that exists when each individual calls on oneself and one another to lead, regardless of roles or status, in ways that cultivate the common good and well being of the group. Together we will practice authentic, collaborative leadership grounded in equality and empathy, humility and humanity. At the end of this workshop, we will walk away from each other with a framework and skills for having greater capacity to elevate any group of which we are a part.

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