Ideas We Love: Gifts That Make a Difference

Ideas We Love: Gifts That Make a Difference

By Melissa Whittemore

Awhile back, I posted a piece on Elizabeth Sheehan, Founder of Containers 2 Clinics.  I was touched by the work C2C is doing for mothers, and so I shared my piece with my own mother and on social media, where it took on a life of its own. My mother passed the piece on to her close group of friends who refer to themselves as, “The Seven Chicks” who have an inspiring story of their own.

Several years ago, this group of friends decided to make gift giving at holiday time mean something different. They all agreed that they had enough material possessions, and began to look outside themselves for ways they could give to those who don’t. At that time, they began pooling their resources to donate to microfinancing initiatives for women in developing countries.

Hands-Kevin H

Microfinancing for women is a powerful concept based on the premise that when women are empowered economically, their entire communities can be raised up. Children can be educated, families gain access to health services and the general standards of living can be elevated.

Even though Containers to Clinics is not a microfinancing initiative, the Seven Chicks saw that it was a clever way to bring basic medical care to places where is extremely inaccessible or totally absent.  They decided to make a donation to Containers to Clinics to follow through on their dedication and vision of bringing healthcare to women.

This is what I love about the power of community and the ways we can help one another make a difference in the world.

Community Values - Editor B

As we approach the season of gift giving, I invite you to take a moment and reflect on how you give gifts and what intention you set for yourself.  How do you reach out to others in your community and the world?

Please share some of your stories in comments to inspire others to make this gift giving holiday season something different.  Let us know what you have done or plan to do.

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