Crossing the Edge of Comfort: Shared Leadership Framework™ in Practice

WORKSHOP: Crossing the Edge of Comfort

Lori Hanau led this experiential workshop on April 7th, 2015 at Parsons The New School For Design located in New York, NY.

As leadership adapts to meet the needs of the times, it simultaneously shapes how we see our problems, our solutions, and ourselves. Designing and leading effectively today requires us to shed our habits to make room for emergence, moving beyond what we know in order to tap into our true creativity and potential. This interactive experience will provide a frame for cultivating the awareness, presence, and skills to build vibrant environments that raise teams’ collective wisdom and creativity. By leaning into what it means to be uncomfortable, and stepping into the willingness to be uncomfortable, we will practice and experience what authentic leadership can look like, feel like, and bring about for ourselves and for the group.

Crossing the Edge of Comfort is designed to unleash new levels of personal and group agency, accountability and creativity, fostering a group culture in which every member of the team is responsible for and engaged in the success of the whole. Participants will leave with having practiced leading into the unknown with greater grace, skill, and in true collaboration.

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