ISLE 2.0 workshop

WORKSHOP: Leading Together Through Our Agency

Lori lead this workshop as part of ISLE 2.0 (Island Sustainability Through Leadership and Entrepreneurship), a collaborative relationship between the Island Institute and Leadership for Local Change designed to provide leadership, advocacy, and entrepreneurial training for local community leadership while enhancing personal and community understanding. The workshop was on March 14, 2015 in coastal Maine.

We have been conditioned within our workplaces, communities, and homes to identify and act first and foremost through our roles, status and expertise, disconnecting us from our full potential and from one another. This has us operating within a culture that values profit-over-people and separation-over-systems thinking.

We know a different way of operating is not only necessary, it is already arriving. Cooperative business models, crowdsourcing, and the democratization of information are just a few examples of a cultural shift towards collective intelligence and impact. We are being called to retire the traditional identity-based “boss” context of leadership, transforming the institutions in which we live, work and play. Shared Leadership is about cultivating new ways of working together, rooted in our innate abilities to collectively accomplish business objectives and impact social change.

This interactive session will provide a frame for cultivating the awareness, presence, and skills to build vibrant environments that raise teams’ collective wisdom and creativity. By accessing our individual agency, we will practice and experience what authentic leadership can look and feel like for ourselves and for the group. Leading Together Through our Agency is designed to unleash new levels of personal and group accountability and creativity, fostering a group culture in which every member of the team is responsible for and engaged in the success of the whole. Participants will leave with the groundwork to understand their own leadership mindset and how to shift that towards a team- and mission-focused approach to greater excellence, collaboration, and outcomes.

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